Backgammon Board Standard - Price List

Tournament size backgammon board

Svilo boards are designed for luxury, ease of play and heavy duty. The S40 attache case sets are 53x32 cm. closed (21x13"). Checker diameter is 40 mm. (1.57").
All Svilo boards are equipped with the famous Svilo cups - made of genuine leather, with a bottom bumper, ribbed and with a bull lip. Svilo has been making backgammon boards since 1991. In 1993 Paul Magriel, Nack Ballard, Sir Malcolm Davis, Harold Johanni etc. noticed the difference in Svilo cups and ever since Svilo has been making new models to the satisfaction of backgammon public.

The standard S40 model has chrome locks, non-leather exterior, standard dice, doubling cube and the famous Svilo leather dice cups - with a bottom bumper, ribs and a bull lip.
S40 Black attache case

S40 Brown attache case

S40 Beige attache case

S40 Red attache case

S40 Gray attache case

S40 Various colors attache case